My name is Arjen and I am a Digital Product Designer (a.k.a. UX Designer or Interaction Designer). Creative, critical and with a strong focus on prototyping. I like to function as a bridge between design, technology and business. I have a huge passion for creating innovative digital products that make people happy and the world a better place.


Year: 2017 & 2018

Keywords: User Journey session, Workshop (abroad), Design System, Interaction Design, MVP

Grandvision is the mother company of many worldwide optician stores like Pearle in the Netherlands. The goal was to create a white label webshop for the Portugese market. We started with benchmarking of the current user experience. After that we defined the goals, personas and ideal journeys. Because we worked with a Design System, we prepared for a scalable and adaptable rollout to other countries.

Grandvision 1
Grandvision 2
Grandvision 3 4
Grandvision 6

TU Delft

Year: 2017 & 2018

Keywords: Prototyping, Workshop, Students

Sometimes you have to do something out of your comfort zone. Like giving a prototyping masterclass to more than 80 students. I custom made an Axure workshop as part of their interaction design curriculum. The goal was to design a mobile app (interaction design).

TU Delft

Framer Course

Year: 2017

Keywords: Visual Design, Prototyping, Framer, Course, Internally, Hike One, iOs

At Hike One, we share a lot of knowledge. I've created and a Framer course to teach my colleagues the basics. The goal was to create a Design Sprint Facilitation prototype.


Year: 2016 - 2017

Keywords: Interaction Design, Prototyping, Optimize process, Design Sprint, Facilitate workshops (abroad), Sketch sessions

For one year I worked at Philips Innovation. In a fast pace, we developed prototypes. I got the chance to build the foundation of many digital products. I even facilitated a design sprint for the mother- and childcare department. Due to confidentiality I cannot show much. Please contact me for more information about the projects and my role within the Philips team.

Philips 1


Year: 2013 - 2015

Keywords: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Branding, Persona's, Scrum, JIRA, Lean, Startup, Usability tests, Sketch and InVision

ZEEF is like the 'Pinterest for links'. In this Internet startup I translated visions and strategies into designs optimized for conversion. Also leading the design team and performing user tests was part of my routine. I fulfilled a key role in connecting the commercial and technical team together.



Year: 2014

Keywords: Branding, Visual Design, Wordpress

'Vertaalbureau Textwerk' asked me to help out with a new proposition as part of their company strategy. I created the logo and web design and translated those into a responsive wordpress template based on Bower


Year: 2014

Keywords: Branding, Interaction Design, Visual Design and CSS / HTML

'LinkPizza, get a slice of the profit!' is an automated affiliate marketing tool. Linkpizza is a product pivot from ZEEF. I created the logo and translated the concept into visual designs.

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